CAE & Library Book Club

Location: Zoom

As we strive for continuous improvement in our teaching methods and commitment to scholastic achievement, the Center for Academic Excellence and DiMenna-Nyselius Library are excited to announce the launch of a faculty book club that aims to foster a community of lifelong learners among us. We plan to offer this book club each Fall and Spring semester with a different focus.


Our first book will be A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) by Dr. Barbara Oakley. This influential work explores effective learning techniques that can be applied to various academic disciplines. Although this book has a STEM focus, its content is applicable across the university. A Mind for Numbers delves deep into the art and science of learning, offering actionable insights that can help us better engage our students. The book emphasizes not just rote memorization, but the importance of understanding underlying concepts, time management, and efficient learning strategies.


The Library and the CAE will purchase copies of the book for all participants.


Please register at this link:

For more information, contact Nick Kapoor / 203-521-4734 /