InFUNity - Licensing and Inventing Games

Date: 10-31-2023

Time: 05:00 PM

Location: zoom

Who:  Catherine Rondeau
What: InFUNity
When: October 31, 2023, 5pm, Tuesday
Where: Zoom (details below)
Cost: Admission is Free

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 962 268 4377
Cathy is a prolific game inventor and has contacts all over the game industry. Her unique & innovative products have been licensed to many of the major game companies. She will discuss development, licensing and submitting to companies.

 Catherine Rondeau has been inventing since 1987  or so  and has created a number of products that remain on the market to this day.
    The number of products, number somewhere in the 300s. She has developed mostly boardgames, (including most popular girls’ game to date and the original lovies, sold over 4 million plus. Toys, cameras, plush, crayon dispensers, construction toys and more round out the picture. She managed trend and developed and directed focus groups, created video, completed internal graphic design, for many companies and was tapped to help create an internal design studio for Michaels Arts and crafts corporate headquartered including cooperating with Chinese vendors overseas and featuring graphic designers and engineers.

Cathy is known for her powerful intuition, understanding of consumers, and natural ability to lead creative teams.

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