AIspiration: Reimagining the Humanities and Art With Generative AI

Date: 10-11-2023

Time: 07:30 PM

Location: Quick Live

In collaboration with the Quick Center, The Fredrickson Family Innovation Lab cordially invites Fairfield community members to join a panel discussion on Generative AI this coming Wednesday. This panel is part of the "AI, Data, and Immersive Experience in Higher Ed" series hosted by the Innovation Lab.

AIspiration: Reimagining the Humanities and Art With Generative AI. Jonathan Soma, Columbia Journalism School and Director of the LEDE program; Jeannie Joshi, Graduate Communication Design, Pratt Institute

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 7:30 PMQuick Live Registration

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Narrative art has long been an essential part of the humanities tradition. From the integration of generative intelligent tools in creative world to the ongoing disruption in Hollywood, the influence of Artificial Intelligence in narrative art is unequivocally profound, as the technology challenges the previous singular domain of human content creators. How do storytellers adapt to the changing landscape? How do we cultivate the next generation amidst the rise of AI. Join Jonathan Soma, faculty member at Columbia Journalism School and the director of the LEDE program, and Jeannie Joshi, a visual designer and faculty member in the Graduate Communication Design program at Pratt Institute, for an in-depth discussion. The discussion aims for offer insights on the ways AI is shaping narrative art as well as ways to embrace an ethical and reflective approach to navigating the integration of AI in both storytelling and educational practices.

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