Calm: A daily gratitude practice can improve your overall happiness

When we talk about gratitude or mindfulness, oftentimes we use the word “practicing” to describe the importance of intention, as opposed to the outcome. Taking time to acknowledge the good around us doesn’t always come naturally. 

By practicing gratitude, we can step back from our workday and look at our lives from a fresh perspective. It’s not meant to fix negative emotions or difficult experiences. Instead, gratitude is a useful lens that can help us tap into what’s going right, even when it feels difficult. 

Calm, our mental health partner, has curated the following resources to kickstart your daily gratitude practice: 
  • Gratitude Check-In: Available only in the Calm mobile app, you can do a daily gratitude check-in where you can share three things you’re grateful for on that day. 
  • Gratitude Body Scan for Sleep: In this session with Jay Shetty, you’ll complete a full body scan exercise so you can drift off with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for your body after a long day. 
  • 7 Days of Gratitude: In this 7-part series led by Tamara Levitt, you’ll learn various tactics that you can use—from magnifying abundance to sharpening your attention—to allow appreciation to flourish in your life again.
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