TIAA Retirement Plan - Meet with Financial Consultant, Joe Fay

No matter where you are in life—just getting started or planning for retirement—a session with Financial Consultant, Joe Fay can help you create a plan for your goals. And, it’s at no additional cost as a part of your retirement plan. You’ll get answers to these questions and more:
  • Am I invested in the right mix of investments to help meet my goals?
  • Am I saving enough to create the retirement income I need?
  • How do I take income from my retirement account once I stop working?
TIAA will be available these dates and times for one-on-one, in-person meetings:
  • Thursday, December 14th @ 9:00AM-4:00PM - Dolan Commons Room 101 
RSVP today, as space is limited. Register for a session using the directions below:
  1. Click on: 
  2. Click the orange Schedule button
  3. Register/log in to your TIAA account
  4. Enter Fairfield University under Employer
  5. Select your State of Residence
  6. Select a Meeting Topic
  7. Under In-Person, select My Employer as the type of meeting
  8. Select a meeting day and time
  9. Enter your email address
  10. Click the blue Confirm button. Once you click Confirm, you’ll receive a confirmation email from TIAA.

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