Give the Gift of Clean Water This Holiday Season!

Anyone can sponsor a filter: Academic departments, office colleagues, groups of friends!

The Humanitarian Action Club is again partner with the non-profit, Wine to Water, for its 4th Annual Filter Build! Over the past 3 years, the Club has raised $14,000 and provided some 150 filters to families in need of clean drinking water across the globe. Each water filter costs $60 and can provide clean, drinkable water to a family for 10 years - that is $6 per year per family!  Please help the Humanitarian Action Club reach our $20,000 mark.

During this holiday season, please consider sponsoring a filter for a family in need of clean water.  For each filter you give, you will receive a handmade commemorative ornament for your generosity.

Thank you for your support.


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For more information, contact Julie Mughal / 12032735142 /