Mac OS Upgrade Reminder

ITS is currently in the process of testing and validating MacOS Big Sur.  Big Sur is not supported by ITS at this time. 

We do recommend that you review the requirements listed here to determine if you can upgrade to MacOS Catalina.   

Before you can download and install the Catalina update please follow the instructions here

If you do not see any profiles while following the instructions please contact the Helpdesk.

ITS also recommends that if you cannot upgrade to MacOS Catalina that you at least upgrade to MacOS Mojave. 

Please follow this link to the installer and instructions to install both Catalina and Mojave.  Please scroll down to find the links for each MacOS. 

 Please contact the ITS Helpdesk via email at if you have any issues or questions

For more information, contact ITS Help Desk / 4069 /